The Fourth Annual Kiss the Goat Holiday Extravaganza

December 23, 2017

At last… The Fourth Annual Kiss the Goat Holiday Extravaganza! Cootie and X are podcasting from the North Pole this year, where the only hot things are Cootie and the mic. [Has the new version of Skype been wreaking havoc with you, too?] Your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic Cinema talk about the winner…

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Episode 49: The Final Movie You Watch In Hell

November 1, 2017

This is it. Make no mistake where you are. Welcome to the innermost circle of Hell, and even if the punishment isn’t truly eternal, it sure feels like it. What is the final movie you watch in Hell? Take our hands and let us wander into this final darkness together.

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Episode 48: The Fourth Movie You Watch In Hell

October 27, 2017

Sometimes, the Devil wears a little black dress.

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Episode 47: The Third Movie You Watch in Hell

October 20, 2017

The Breaking Point. At Least Ten Things I Hate About You. Buy Me A Drink. Dinner for Two. Ask Aunt Goatie. The Kiss the Goat team invite you to join them as they reach the midway point of their journey through the cinematic underworld, and here there be witches. What is The Third Movie You…

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Episode 46: The Second Movie You Watch In Hell

October 13, 2017

The journey continues… Do you dare subject yourself to The Second Movie You Watch In Hell? Sure, you do. {Closing Music: “The Biggest Ass in the Laundromat (Shelby Mix)” music by halfdeaf/samples by DJX}

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Episode 45: The First Movie You Watch In Hell

October 6, 2017

October on Kiss the Goat begins with our most shocking episode ever. And we’re only getting started. You are not ready.  

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Kiss the Goat's Patron Anti-Saint: Cindy Sin Fallon

Cindy Sin Fallon was our "Satan in the News" correspondent. She was our first co-host. She was funny, bright, and full of wonderful, arcane knowledge. She was our friend. When we lost her in September 2016 as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we were compelled to learn more about that condition and reach out to those affected by it. We honor Sin's memory by declaring her the Patron Anti-Saint of Kiss the Goat, and pay our respects to her on each episode. For more information about PTSD, please visit

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