The 1971 grindhouse classic is back in an amazing two-disc Blu-Ray set, and Cootie and X have got it! One of them is happy about it! Guess which one?

Please enjoy the new episode of KTG, complete with the new hit segment, The Devil Eats Out, with our own personal gourmand, Allan McPherson. You won’t believe what he’s created for this episode, but you might piss yourself hearing about it. Also: Ask the Goat and what happens when The Little Mermaid rises from the sea to possess a South African woman? You’ll find out in Get Your Exorcize!

Take your mind off of the election sideshow with one of the funniest episodes X  and Cootie have ever manifested into being! Shove this into your earholes right away! Spread the word! Tell your friends! Tell strangers! Hail Cindy!


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