Episode 43: All the Colors of the Dark

Once again, the doors to your Online Shrine to Satanic Cinema swing open wide! Your High Priest and Priestess, X & Cootie, bring forth an offering of a relatively obscure Italian thriller called All the Colors of the Dark for your enjoyment. Will Edwige Fenech and Nieves Navarro escape the clutches of a horrible Satanic cult? More importantly, will they keep their clothes on?

Will you be able to keep your pants on when Chef Al reveals an entire luncheon based on this movie? He calls it All the Colors of the Lunch, and it is amazing.

Spoilers! An exorcism! Bad language! And hang out for the whole episode to find out how Matthew Tangen completely changed the originally planned ending!

Stick it in your earholes and let your brain hear and understand!

Join the Kiss the Goat Facebook group for the unedited, subtitled version of this episode’s exorcism. Visit www.kissthegoat.com for Chef Al’s full recipes and a picture of the luncheon.

Great googly moogly, this show has it all! Let Grandma listen! You know. If she’s into that shit.


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